Study hacks

Hello again everyone!


There are two kinds of people in the world:

  • The ones who love spring, because everything wakes up, flowers bloom, birds sing from morning until midnight and the days get longer.
  • The ones who believe that spring is the most stressful and unpleasant time because they have to study from morning until midnight relearning everything forgotten in preporation for the one week in which their future depends. I am talking about graduates (obviously).

So for this issue I have decided to give you some useful tricks on how to be organised and get over revision for all of your exams (any kind of them, not just Maturita) easily.

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Winter life hacks and DIYs

IT’S WINTER TIME! Christmas, New Years, skiing and snowman building have come. Winter is one of my four favorite seasons, Some of you probably don’t like it as much as me, and that’s the reason why I have made this DIY focused on how to make you feel more cozy and warm at all times.


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You might have heard or read the abbreviation “DIY.” Maybe you wondered as many times as I have, what it means. After seven years of attending grammar school and after a year in the UK I have finally found out what these three letters mean D…I…Y…DO IT YOURSELF. It’s so easy, isn’t it?
I cannot say that my section is going to be original this season, because it is not. Fall is here, and so my DIY section is going to be focused on ‘Fall’. However, I will to do my best to show you some interesting tips and tricks.

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