“Lost girl's” diary

In my final story I want to introduce you to more of the people I got know, places I have visited and my best experiences.

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The „lost girl's “ diary

The first half of my exchange year has gone by and I have lived out new experiences. In this time I experienced Christmas “madness” and everything referring to it, and I want to tell you about some celebrations and traditions which are not that common in our country.

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‘Lost’ girl’s diary

Yes, I am the ‘lost ’ girl. I decided to leave my home for a year and discover a new place –England, I decided to live a new adventure. For a long time I couldn’t believe that I really did it. But now I have been here for month and it seems like forever to me. I know all of you learn about England, so I will not write things like: ‘They drive on the left side ’ or ‘The Capitol city is London’.  But I want to show you a piece of my experience.

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