Senior-friendly World

Shush, calm down my dear! We will be home soon and there you can sprawl on your nice soft bed!” an old lady says. She says this to her dog.


Silly old lady. Doesn’t she realize that the dog doesn’t understand her? Yes, dogs are able to recognize several words and react to them depending on their training, but speaking to a dog in that way is pointless. And to expect that the dog could make anything out of it is... silly, to say the least.


But why do old ladies (because she probably isn’t the only one) talk to their dogs in this way? Don’t they have anyone to talk to? Well, what if they don’t?


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    You are probably familiar with the feeling. An empty street, as the evening falls, the noise of cars humming in the background, an occasional gust of wind, perhaps the moan of a stray cat, the streetlamp flickers... The fear, irrational as it seems to you, starts to creep into your mind and you wish for this unpleasant walk be over with as soon as possible. Then you begin to hear the thumps of a single pair of feet growing. Louder, louder, louder... You increase your pace, but so does your follower. You look for a turn from the street, but there isn’t any you’d like to take. I’m just being silly, you say to yourself, but tell that to your panic stricken brain. You can hear the blood gushing around your ears. Should you run?

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Working place principles

    We are still students, but many of us have had the chance to enjoy the pleasure of work, (not only helping our parents in the garden, but proper work for which we received payment - YAY!) Whether it was a summer job, or a one-time opportunity to fill our pockets. In most jobs, we work with our colleagues and that can sometimes get a little tricky. Here are a few principles that we might find in the workplace, whether we are aware of them or not.

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