The Grass is Green

 The grass is green.

 The sky is blue.

 The sun is yellow.

It is as simple as that.

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Have you ever noticed that certain people are far more sensitive to certain tastes than the rest of us, while others seem to barely notice any taste at all? This is caused by special structures found on the tongue called the “fungi form papillae”. Their number determines your ability to perceive taste ­ the more papillae, the stronger your sense of taste. Their number is genetically predetermined. We can find about 100­150 taste buds inside each of the papillae.

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Stop what you are doing.
Look around.
Think for a moment.

What can you see? Plants bloom in the spring, produce fruit in the summer, die in the fall, and the snow falls in winter. The sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening - everything, EVERYTHING happen in cycles. Cycles are important for every living organism. To know when to hunt, when to mate, when to plant crops, and when to go to sleep. Our whole life happens in cycles. We wake up, and we go to sleep. Did you ever think what would happen if you just refused to sleep? Well, I will tell you: you would DIE. Why? We will get to that.

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The story of glowing animals

The story of glowing animals (or any other living thing) started with a man by the name of Osamu Shimomura, who was so passionate about science, that neither the bombing of the city he lived in during World War II, Nagasaki, nor the lack of opportunities for education could stop him from practicing science and making things glow.

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Eating sunlight

Everyone probably knows what photosynthesis is. Everyone also probably knows, that plants are capable of photosynthesis. Also algae. And let’s not forget bacteria, the “inventors” of photosynthesis. But have you ever thought about why there are no photosynthetic animals? Or wondered, if there were any?

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