Our ski course

Each year children from the first classes of our Grammar school attend a ski course, which takes place in the mountains here in Slovakia. This year we went to Kubínska Hoľa, which is a nice ski center located near the small town of Dolný Kubín. I am a first-class student, so this year my class was chosen to go. Of course, our class was glad and agreed to participate.

n the 24th January we all met at a place, where our bus was waiting for us to get in. We loaded our baggage, sat in our seats and waved goodbye to our parents and family members from the window of the bus. Slowly, our bus started to move and we began our journey to the mountains, where our ´ski week´ would take place. When we arrived, we took our small rucksacks and got on a chairlift.


The nature there was wonderful. We were all pleased to see such lovely, snowy, scenery, which was even more beautiful, when we looked at it from the lift.


When we finally reached our accommodation, we were all pleased to have a little rest. We needed to gain some energy to be strong for the next ´ski days´.



The following days were a little hard, but also very nice and pleasurable. We spent them skiing, chatting and having fun. Due to the fact that the weather was rather good, we were able to ski every day of the course.


Eventually, we had spent an enjoyable week together, and we were all bit sad on Friday when we realized, that our ski course was at the end. But we all knew, that we had made beautiful memories and new friendships.


I believe, that each of us improved our ´skiing or snowboarding skills´, learned something new and spent a wonderful time together on our ski course.

by Veronika Hudáková

Year 2, Issue 2