The Slirish One

Hey everyone.
My name is Daniela Gellenova and this is my paragraph about my study abroad in the Irish county of Kerry.
Ireland is divided into counties, something like our ´kraje´. Mine is called Kerry.

 Ireland is known for their hard-to-understand accent, green jerseys, football in Gaelic, this is sport you should definitely Google. The difference between this and soccer is, that players first have to kick the ball into their hands, and after this to the football network.
I'm living in a small, romantic, village called Glenflesk (6 houses and a road). Glenflesk is near one of the most beautiful Irish towns, called Killarney.
My school, Scoil Phobail Sliabh Luachra, in Rathmore, is typical with blue uniforms and teachers who teach English and PE, sometimes simultaneously.
Every day school starts at 9:00 am. We have nine lessons, and we finish at about 4:00 pm. We usually go home with a bag full of homework. However, I can say I've never enjoyed lessons more in my life, especially Physics.
The teachers are really nice to us exchange students; it is really hard to say the same about the students. Thank God, after two months they are finally starting to feel comfortable in our presence. Suddenly I find myself writing about “us”, because I'm here with two other Italian girls, a German and nine Spanish students, who have the same joys and sorrows as me.
Why “The Slirish one”? According to my friend Tynan, it means Slovak-Irish person.
Please, don't think we have any advantages over the other students. Homework for this weekend is to write a four and a half page long essay, and the theme is: How has the weather influenced your writing?
To be honest, I probably don't even  know enough words in English.
You probably have it at least as hard as me, so good luck.

by Daniela Gellenová

Year 2, Issue 1